About Us

About Prime Trust Cambio

In 1995 Prime Trust Financial Corporation opened our head office in Half Way Tree, Kingston offering cambio services to the public. Over the years we have expanded our family business to multiple locations in Kingston and across the island providing additional money services including remittance, bill payment, micro-loans and more.

At Prime Trust Cambio we offer unbeatable foreign exchange rates, living up to our motto “where everyone gets the family rate”. We have been Bank Of Jamaica (BOJ) approved since inception and undergo inspections, audits and continuous monitoring from the Central Bank. From our persistent work, we take great pride in the recognition of being a trusted cambio and a household name around Jamaica.

Prime Trust Services

About Quik & EZ

Prime Trust Financial Corporation expanded our money services in 2011 by forming Quik & EZ Bill Pay. We hit the ground running by offering the lowest service charge in the industry of only $35 (including tax) per bill, cutting our main competitor’s service charge in half, positioning ourselves at the top of the bill payment industry for the population.

We accept payments on behalf of JPS, NWC, LIME, FLOW, DIGICEL, CLIQ, KING ALARM, PRIME TRUST QUIK LOANS, EZ CREDIT RESELLER, SAGICOR & LASCO LOAN at over 85 locations islandwide in all parishes. We provide our customers the affordability, security, convenience and comfort they need to pay all their bills with us. 

About Quik Loans

Prime Trust Quik Loans is the latest addition to the Prime Trust Financial family. In living up to our goal of continuous growth and expansion in the money service industry, the natural progression was to enter the micro financial industry. So, in 2019 we began offering unsecured loans to all citizens of Jamaica who qualify, providing clients with competitive terms, rates, and a quick approval time.


Vision & Goals

Prime Trust Financial Corporation’s mission is to bring innovative and reputable products to the market at the most affordable cost; to offer high quality service; to be socially responsible; and to foster an environment that promotes trust, growth, and development for our employees. Our vision is to be a premier organization devoted to offering a wide range of products and services in the consumer markets.